Independent or Not?

I am not going to make a judgement about whether this report from the conservative Australian news outlet, Sky News, is true or not. It is a counter perspective. As I see it, it is my job to create a system for questions like this to be worked out. It does, however, highlight, what the CounterChecker app is targeting.

You see, if you believe that the Independent fact checkers at Facebook are fair and unbiased, then you might not see the need for the CounterChecker app. Or, perhaps you believe that the Facebook fact checkers are too conservative. They are, indeed, quite biased in your view – to the right. There have been many fact checks you’ve read that missed many points you believed were true. You, very much, would have found the CounterChecker app to be useful.

I’ve seen complaints from both sides. I would expect interest from both sides. And there are more than two sides. I am putting together the team that will develop this app. It will turn fact checking into a multi-sided dialog, rather than some supposedly independent fact checker. Anyone who has any contentions about anything written will have the opportunity to counter that report with facts on a point by point, word by word basis. As such, the CounterChecker app will deserve a greater sense of authority than any independent fact checking source.  It will become the definitive fact checking source.

Do you like this idea? Then maybe you could help. Contact James Carvin to join the team.

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